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He Kāhui Mano
Tribal Summit : Activating a Community-Lead Circular Economy
Monday 6 & Tuesday 7 May

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Redefining Our Future
A Circular Vision for Taranaki
Wednesday 8 May

He Kāhui Mano
Monday 6 & Tuesday 7
May 2024

Redefining Our Future
8 May 2024

Where Plymouth International


He Kāhui Mano is a three-day conference to redefine our future through a circular kaupapa-driven economy.


Days One and Two will feature an array of thought provoking presenters, along with break our sessions with more in-depth discussion around the five principles 




Day Three is open to anyone who is interested in XYZ, and will compose a compilation of information gathered during the sessions held on days one and two.

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93 Gover Street

New Plymouth

Taranaki 4310

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