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Presenter Profile - Jonathan Chapman

Updated: Jul 11

Director of Doctoral Studies, Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design

Prof Jonathan Chapman

Professor Chapman is director of Doctoral Studies at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design. The author of five books, his research helps accelerate the design-led transition to a sustainable future.

As a circular design specialist, he advises global businesses, governments, and NGOs—from Sony, Puma, The Body Shop, and Philips to the House of Lords, the United Nations, and NASA. New Scientist described him as “a new breed of sustainable design thinker”.

Design That Lasts

Jonathan’s talk investigates why we throw away things that still work, and shows how we can design products and services that last. We live in a predominantly linear economy and have done so for the past hundred years or so. This extractive, wasteful mode of production follows a straight path, with untold social and environmental destruction at either end. In sharp contrast, a circular economy redefines growth by decoupling economic activity from the consumption and waste of resources.

Through this talk, you will experience an array of circular design principles, methods, and tools. We will explore design strategies for thinking of products in terms of the material value locked into them, and design innovative systems for product take-back, disassembly, and reuse. We will consider ways to extend product longevity, by encouraging users to take better care of their things and fix them when they fail. These tactics accelerate the design-led transition to a circular economy.

Presentation | 9.10am Friday 16 August

Plenary Keynote Speaker


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