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We are a mana whenua-owned company and foundation, formed as a collaboration of existing Māori-owned businesses with a strong track record in hapū development, revitalisation of whenua, and community engagement.

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Rautāpatu Purpose

To inspire, empower, and sustain action that leads to community & economic development of whanau and hapū within Aotearoa.

Our focus is on mobilising an indigenous circular economy that connects people to one another to increase local economic mobility and the revitalisation of Te Taiao. 

Rautāpatu Mission

Create health & wealth initiatives that contribute to the revitalisation of Te Taiao, and build community resilience. We embrace the 21st Century goal to meet the needs of ALL people within the means of the planet.

To Achieve Our Vision

We will be consolidating our efforts across our entities to channel investment into local people and local outcomes. We are: 
  • Rautāpatu Ltd - our Commercial arm
  • Rautāpatu Foundation - our Not for Profit organisation
Over the next decade, we intend activating opportunities with the professional guidance and support from our Roopuu Tautoko (Advisory Board) to achieve a ‘just and equitable world’ that supports a circular economy.
We are proud members of the
Ellen MacArthur Foundation community.  

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